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Not Funny

Not Funny

Every few months I help copyedit articles for a neurosurgery association. I like the gig because, among other things, if someone uses the expression “Come on, it’s not brain surgery,” I can say, well, actually it IS.

The group has an educational event coming up, and one of the features is “Live Cadaveric Demonstrations.”

When I saw this, my first reaction was, oh, those whimsical neurosurgeons! But although I have referred to it a few times in emails to the group, in a nudge nudge, wink wink sort of way, there has been no reaction at all. It seemed nobody else on the team finds the juxtaposition of “live” with “corpse” even mildly amusing.

Now I realize that these sessions with the cadavers are demonstrating life-enhancing procedures, and that is serious and valuable. If I or my loved ones ever need one of those procedures, I will be glad to know that our neurosurgeon had had the opportunity to practice with a willing, previously donated, volunteer body.

But come on, isn’t this title just the teensiest bit funny? Don’t you think so?

Or is it really just me?

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